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Trapped within the realm of my own mind

Trapped by my thoughts, my dreams, my worries
There is no escape from what exists there
The weight of it pressing down upon me
The force of it burying me deeper and deeper
Confined within a room that has no walls
Restrained by invisible bonds
Nothing but myself holds me back
From all I can achieve, accomplish, complete
I am my only enemy, my greatest rival
Enraged with the limitations, the shortcomings
Infuriated with the failures of a single day
Blinded by them, engulfed in the essence of them
There is no room for the success
There is only acceptance of my incompetence
Imprisoned in a cage of hatred, built by my thoughts
Guarded by hounds of fury, anger, and loathing
Alone I sit and shake, I sit and wait, I sit and think
That is all I can do in this place, think
Think of what is to come next, if anything
Trapped within the realm of my own mind
Where I am alone with my thoughts, my dreams, my worries
There is no hope for me while I am in this place
There is no release as it pushes me deeper
Only I can escape and it is I who holds me prisoner

3 comments on “Trapped

  1. Leda
    February 6, 2016

    Hi I wanted to do my speech for class on this poem along with the photo if that’s alright with you! If so, do you know by any chance who created the photo? I need to know only because i have to give credit to whoever made it! Thank you 🙂


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